In the original Little Mermaid the little mermaid saves a drowning prince and falls in love with him. She  made a deal with a sea witch to trade her voice for legs which cause her immerse pain to use. If she could get the prince to fall in love with her than she would remain a human, however if the prince was to fall in love with someone else and marry, the following sun set would make the Little Mermaid turn to sea foam. The little mermaid gave it her all. She spent much more than three days with him and desperately tried to make him love her. But the prince met a human princess who he recognized as the girl who saved him and fell in love with her instead of the Little Mermaid. The Little Mermaid could only sit by and watch. She watched them dance. She watched them fall in love. She watched the Prince be happy. She watched them marry, knowing that her time to die was approaching. Once everyone was asleep she wandered the ship enjoying her last night when she seen her sisters surface. They’re once long, beautiful hair cut short. One of them holding a dagger. They traded their hair to the same sea witch for the dagger, telling them that if the Little Mermaid killed the prince before sun rise The Little Mermaid would live and return to being a mermaid. The Little Mermaid hovered over the sleeping prince, dagger over her head, eyes squeezed shut..But she couldn’t do it. She loved him to much. She couldn’t do it. She loved him to much. She wanted him happy. No matter what. 

She retreated back to the boat deck and threw the dagger into the ocean. She watched the first sight of sun. It was her time to die. She accepted it. She  let herself fall into the dark ocean peacefully. She submerged just as the sun was done rising. 

She didn’t get her happy ending. 

//This is to the Little Shit who laughed at me when I said I respected the Little Mermaid. Mermaid Art- NienorGreenfield deviantart// 

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